Alterno has recently entered into a partnership with Roscommon School located in Manurewa, South Auckland, which will assist in implementing and delivering a three year Garden to Table curriculum.

The Garden to Table curriculum is the third programme Roscommon School has started in an effort to become an environmental friendly school whilst also encouraging their students to become fit and healthy.

The other two programmes are the Bikes in School and a waste education programme. This decile 1 school is certainly doing whatever it can to provide the best environment for their students to thrive and make New Zealand a better place.  

In providing assistance Alterno felt that the Garden to Table curriculum would complement the other programmes at the school. In our communications with Roscommon School senior staff it became obvious that they walk the talk and can make things happen.

Over the next three years Roscommon School will teach their students how to grow their vegetables, fruit and herbs and how to harvest them. The other part of the curriculum will teach the students how to cook, using the ingredients from their own garden.

At Alterno we are looking forward to feedback from Roscommon School about the difference this curriculum has made to their students, their health and their academic progress.


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