Thinking out loud

We applaud those people who think differently – because doing things the same way they have always been done won’t get us a world that is any better.

The world is changing rapidly. Just doing the same things the same way they have always been done is not an option.

We need to explore new ways of doing new things. There are many ideas worth exploring, which may help us find us better solutions than those we currently have.

9 Habits of People Who Never Settle for Mediocrity

Jul 12, 2016 When someone says it can't be done, or that it is impossible, you should be the first one in line to test it out. Read more

An accidental experiment shows positive outcomes when basic universal income is received

Jun 08, 2016 Growing up poor has long been associated with reduced educational attainment and lower lifetime earnings. Some evidence also suggests a higher risk of depression, substance abuse and other diseases in adulthood. Even for those who manage to overcome humble beginnings, early-life poverty may leave a lasting mark, accelerating aging and increasing the risk of degenerative disease in adulthood. (Article NYT) Read more

3 hours of cleaning traded with 3 hours of delivering food

May 15, 2016 A German innovative approach in dealing with healthcare issues facing the elderly, empowering seniors and using the principle of a service exchange. Read more

41 Million Children under 5 are obese or overweight

Mar 29, 2016 The WHO has backed the campaign calling for “sugar tax” on soft drinks, as part of a new report on childhood obesity. What else can we do to turn around this alarming trend? Read more

Explosion of interest in Universal Basic Income

Mar 29, 2016 Finland is committing themselves to implement a basic income experiment to find feasible options for an overhaul of the social security system, to respond to the changes in the labour market, reduce bureaucracy and tackle poverty. Read more

Extreme optimism or extreme pessimism takes you to the same point.

Mar 28, 2016 Peter Thiel encourages brilliant minds to educate themselves on their own terms freed from the convention of college through his fellowship programme. His advice: Don’t worry about being in a hot sector–instead, make sure you’re doing something unique. Unsolved problems are where you’ll find opportunity. Read more

A rare move to get back to the business of innovating and creating.

Mar 28, 2016 It is more important for a company to be constantly creating new technologies than to doggedly pursue lawsuits against other companies doing similar things. Read more

What might be the university experience by 2025?

Mar 28, 2016 At Stanford University they established Purpose Learning where ‘I am a biology major” is being replaced by “I’m learning human biology to eliminate world hunger”. Instead of asking “what classes are you taking this quarter” the question is “why”. Read more

The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything
We subscribe to the view that there is no room for average, and that if mediocre is accepted in one area, it will be accepted everywhere.