General Applications

We would encourage you to firstly email us with a general outline of your project or idea. We don’t want you to have to write a novel if we are not in a position to possibly help. If we feel the idea or project may fit within our guidelines we will get back to you for more.

Initially we will need an executive summary of your proposal. That is  a brief outline (no more than one page ) describing what you are doing and why, and the type of support you are seeking.

From there, if we can see a potential way we can support you, we will request a full proposal. In the full proposal we will expect to see the plan, the anticipated outcomes, key performance indicators, key personnel involvement, timeline etc. We understand that many applicants will not be familiar with what are everyday parts of the organisation of a project. Part of our role is to assist applicants to understand these aspects of project management. When projects are supported, the Alterno Foundation will expect to be involved with normal and regular stakeholder reporting, feedback and accountability.